Vehicles, by one definition, are the modes by which people reach their destination.  This definition promotes the idea of transportation, but a solid Google search reveals an alternate definition that I'll compare to our usual thoughts about vehicles. A vehicle is also "a thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something."

I like this definition (many of you have heard it before) because it speaks to the specifics of how the destination is reached, or how that something is fulfilled. 

 Some vehicles are simple. Some vehicles are elaborate. Some vehicles have powerful engines. Some vehicles you power yourself. But in any case of how, the vehicle's job is to get you to where you want to end up, or to provide fulfillment along the way. 

 Your life is the vehicle of your final destination. Life is designed not only to have a final destination, but to also provide immense opportunities for fulfillment along the journey.  What type of vehicle are you? How simple is your vehicle? How much time do you spend thinking about how your vehicle looks? How much time do you spend thinking about how powerful your vehicle is? 

We can get caught up in making our vehicle (life) appealing to others, when the substance of life is not about the type of vehicle we have, or its features and qualities. But rather how it embodies, expresses, gives, and receives fulfillment.

Focusing on your fulfillment, and not the lacking of it, frees you to use your life as a vehicle for fulfilling others...and that's the whole point, really.