Seeing Results

 We live in a world of instant gratification. On-demand, instant download, fast food, rapid gains, etc. these are all just responses for our internal desire for instant gratification. We want to see the results of our "hard" work, and see our decisions pay off for us. 

Seeing results is not the same as Getting results. Most of the things we do have some sort of short term effect. We have gotten used to this, and expect it in the world around us. But there are times when it is more beneficial for us to do, act, or speak and then delay the gratification. Patiently waiting to GET results instead of bustling about, worrying about SEEING results. 

Think about the following attitudes: love and lust, kindness and anger, ambition and greed. 

The difference in these pairs of attitudes is our ability to delay the gratification and patiently wait, even if we aren't seeing the results we want from our efforts. The negative attitudes and the positive alike initiate from common emotions. What we want, without delayed gratification, can turn into some terrible actions (lust, anger, greed) and we can SEE the results quite immediately. Relationships are destroyed, lives become broken, and the results last forever. 

When we choose to delay gratification of our efforts (love, kindness, ambition) we GET results, even when we might not see them. Relationships grow, our lives become exemplary, and the results last forever. 

You get back what you give out. Patiently wait to get results. If you don't see them don't feel ungrateful. Evil will eventually be defeated, and that will be fully gratifying.