You Are Loved

In high school I was a percussionist in the band. Of all the different instruments I had the experience of playing and trying out my favorite is, by far, the tympani. It's a pitched drum that you can change the pitch of to play in conjunction with other pitches. 

You can find the right pitch by using a pitch pipe to play the note you want the drum to sound. But the amazing thing is, as you tune the drum, if you can hum the note properly with your head near the drum something amazing happens.  

As you begin tuning the drum, the note you're humming and the pitch of the drum are not in equillibrium. This causes the note of the drum to vibrate only in the ear allowing you to hear the pitch of the drum. BUT, when the note you hum in your head comes into equilibrium with the pitch of the drum you can FEEL the sound. It's amazing and it truly penetrates the ear into vibrates the entire head. 


When you hear these words, do you just hear them? Do they play a different pitch than you do in you head and your heart? Do you take in the fullness of the truth that you are loved? Do these words obtain equilibrium with the notes inside you to the point that you can feel them?  

Love is an action, and when you believe you're loved on the inside, and this reaches equilibrium with the love that is provided to you, you should FEEL the experience and it should rock you, move you, and shake you.