When I started this business it was focused on providing the best photography experiences for clients, and along the way I would try to encourage what really mattered in Life. Whether it was a newly engaged couple, a graduating senior, or a family that was celebrating a moment in their life together, I haphazardly tried to plant moments of true enlightenment in the hearts and minds of those I worked with. I love making amazing images, but the attempts I made at showing people truth was (sort of secretly) my true joy. 

I want to be clear that "Life In Light" brings a passion for using light to create great images. I work hard to create images that will establish an emotional connection forever with those that view them. And originally, "Life In Light" was about capturing those special moments using amazing light (and my camera).

We have more to share. We have more to offer.

Light exposes darkness. It casts darkness out when it enters the scene. The beautiful thing about photography is that it uses light and darkness to tell stories, and often, exposing great images requires being at the edge of where light meets darkness. Light and darkness don't mingle, but they border each other at all times. Life in Light walks in light, works in light, and purposes to cast out darkness. We have (and are developing) big plans to fellowship with people and work with them to make this become a reality, not just in terms of photography, but in terms of relationship and "Life." 

We hope to mentor and speak life in order to provide enlightenment for the people we work with. Hannah and I want to be a resource for engaged and married couples and provide a connection for growing and strengthening their marriages. Helping people know the truth about life is something we really believe in. By providing insight through blogging and in-person meetings, and gifting opportunities to experience the core truths that have helped us grow our marriage and relationships, we hope to have a positive impact on the marriages and relationships of those we work with. This is the part of photographing special moments in people lives that I have always enjoyed, and we're excited to honor others by ministering to them in this way.

Basically, Life In Light is about living in light, and exposing truth so that others can live life in light. We hope that you'll take the journey with us, support us, and engage with us in this adventure. If you need support, encouragement, honesty, or insight please connect with us because we're here for you.