You're probably not as faithful as you give yourself credit for. It's likely I'm not either.  Sure we may have been at the same job for years, stayed married, or still show up for holidays with the family, all of which are important commitments if we've made them. But faithfulness is not strictly the lack of committing unfaithful acts or thoughts. 

Generally, faithfulness is a leaning of the entire human personality in absolute trust and confidence. You're faithful when you consistently rely on the power, wisdom, and goodness of someone higher. 

It's interesting to me that betrayal is not the opposite of faithfulness, independence is. Leaning on our own strength or understanding to meet our needs or to get things done reduces our level of faithfulness. 

Our culture says that if you're independent, then you're strong. Many people have the goal of raising their children to be strong, independent people. Many schools would be happy to accomplish this feat. And while there is strength in independence it won't get you as far as the strength that comes from interdependence and faithfulness to others. Think of the added power and wisdom that is gained from those we trust and have confidence in, and can we can completely rely on them. Starting a new venture, dealing with trauma, or experiencing healing are a few examples where you may have independent strength, but you'll never come fully through these processes (healthily) on your own strength.

Someone I am relying on recently told me about the quote "rough seas produce strong sailors." It was super encouraging in a time I needed strength to know there was purpose in the struggle I was in. It dawned on me though that when a strong sailor sails a ship of independence, it lands on an island; leaving them deserted.

This story is a great example of how you can benefit from the strength of others. There's a person, and a group of people that I can rely on completely for the strength and wisdom and power I need when I don't have it all myself. I'd love to talk with you more personally about who and what works for me and provides answers to the questions below.

So let's connect!

Who is your entire human personality leaning on?  Faithfulness means leaning in, in spite of their ability to meet your needs. Rely on others and be reliable, it's a simple (not always easy) formula for strong relationship.

Who do you have absolute trust in?

Who is your confidence instilled in?

Who can put their trust in you?

If it's yourself then you're missing out on something so much greater!