What's the point of being kind? I'm not saying there's no value, but have you ever thought about why you should show kindness? 

Many people try to be kind because it makes them feel good. Righteous. Important, or loved.  

The problem is that true kindness does not come from a place of self-indulgence, self-gratification, or self-anything... Kindness and pride can't coexist, so if your acts of kindness serve to build up yourself then the things you're doing are not acts of kindness, they're something else.

Kindness is a choice, or more accurately the series of your choices, and it takes wisdom to make choices that show kindness to others. Utilizing this wisdom is about knowing how to relate to others and how to consistently respond positively to them, and it plays out the same as other consistently good decision making. The more consistently you make sound choices to be kind, the more benefits you'll see, and they are mutual.

Perhaps more imprortantly, kindness is also the quality in a person that allows you to approach them. People seek out kindness in all circumstances. You look for it, too. Even after you've wronged them, a kind person is someone you can count on to be caring, understanding, and forgiving.

This is the point of kindness. To be kind is to put yourself in a place where people have the confidence to approach you when they need support, or forgiveness, or love for that matter.  It's not about random acts or focusing on choosing to be kind for a time, kindness is more purposeful than that. 

When you have the choice to respond in anger, disrespect, aggravation, or any other unkind way, don't. Each time you do, you're putting a bend in the road back to unity, the single necessity of good relationships. 

Be wise enough to be kind. It makes the hard parts of having a right relationship easier, the messy parts of relationships draw you closer, and the broken parts of your relationship whole again.