I work really hard to build my life on the foundation of truth because I think it's a way to honor my wife and my children, the people I meet with everyday, and The One who gave it all for me so I could even have this life.

I feel like the more I pursue truth, the more "un-truth" I have to wade through to find it. It can be really easy to give up on things when it gets difficult, but I heard a quote recently that opened my eyes in a way which allowed me to visualize what pursuing truth is really like.

 Winston Churchill stated that "In wartime, the truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Referring to the military's deception tactics during WWII the original thought was expressed as a summation of war strategy. In terms of war, you want to keep your true strategy hidden from the enemy. 

This strategy of hiding the truth behind a bodyguard of lies is not a modern strategy, it has actually been used since the beginning of time.

We're so far on the outside of many truths, and when we start to look for the truth we are confronted with lies. When we look for love we're confronted with the lies of lust. When we look for kindness we're confronted with a barricade of hatred. Look for the truth of peace and you'll find a wall of pain, resentment, and anxiety. 

We long for peace. In the world, in our relationships, and inside our soul and the truth will free you. The truth is that to obtain peace in any arena, it's all about reconciliation.

We want the peace, but we don't want the process it takes to take hold of it. We quit striving for peace the moment we don't reconcile our impatience, or forgive the cause our resentment, or set free the anxiety that binds us. No, the easier path, which is one I often take as well, is to avoid the hardship of making a situation right again when it becomes out of line. 

When we don't call, return that text message, go to that meeting because we didn't forgive, ask for forgiveness, or have compassion we separate ourselves from the possibility of true peace by placing around it a bodyguard of lies. 

You'd be at peace if you tried to reconcile, or seek to make things right, or forgive, or let go of your pain. This process isn't easy, and it often starts inside yourself. Make yourself right first, then peace will come. Push through the lies you've told yourself, move past the things you've done to try to cope, and deal with the things that rob you of peace.

It's amazing how peace works. It truly is a blessing, and it's gained through a process. Once we have peace, it acts as a bonding agent. Peace is the fruit of making things right (reconciliation), and it holds all our relationships together.