Why You Shouldn't Take Your Own Wedding Photos...

... or bake your cake, or arrange your flowers, or DJ, etc.

As a photographer I see posts on social media like this all the time! Basically, the story goes that you don't take your own wedding photos (or hire a cheap friend/family member) because the person who's writing that post takes photos that are clearly superior to everyone else know.  And they can of course do the best job.  While that maybe true, it's highly unlikely that's the reason most people choose who to hire. 

 Here's another line of thinking.  

 Your wedding is a celebration of your marriage. And marriage is about unity.  There's no better way to create, assure, and celebrate unity fan by building  community. 

 The idea is not to think about "hiring vendors" to work your wedding, but rather think about "inviting members" into community with you.  Find people that, through your experience with them, will help build unity in your marriage. Let the people closest to you be a part of the experience, and find people (photographer, caterer, DJ)who make your wedding a better experience for you and for those close to you. 

 Build your entire engagement period, wedding day, and marriage experience with this thought in mind:  The better the community around us, the better the unity within us. 





If the way this traffic situation works on the road is any indication of how it works in our minds and in our hearts then we have a bit to learn.  Of all the things we do when we drive our car (or ride our bike) yielding is probably the hardest, not only to do, but to enjoy. 

  Whether we're merging onto a highway yielding is necessary. When you think about the mindset needed in order to yield successfully, difficulty arises  because what we are really doing is allowing someone already in the rush of traffic to dictate our ability to enter that pattern.  Yelding is a totally safe and acceptable thing to do, and when it's done the right way, everybody benefits. If we yield too slowly, or try to force our way into the pattern, yielding becomes a dangerous endeavor. 

 The thing about yielding is that it is a necessary process to go through in order to experience the power of the highway.  As nerve-racking and potentially frustrating as the process can be, it almost always allows for something more well-appreciated ahead.

To be clear, however, you don't get to where you're going by yielding all the time, either.  But only right before you need to experience the power on the highway in front of you. 

You might be saying; "Ok, ok. Enough about traffic, why illustrate this?"

 In life it's important to understand the process of giving The One who already has access to the power of the highway a chance to dictate your entry into that power.  Slowing down, putting others first, and not taking too long or trying to force our way through this process will obtain for us the power that is in store for us. 

Perhaps there are things you desire in life, or things you're striving for. Ask yourself if you have done the yielding necessary to obtain it. What do you need to give up? What do you need to focus on? What should change in you? This is a safe process when done properly. Everybody can benefit. And you can gain access to the better Way.




Starting to Flow

I turn 30 today. And while some face this day with trepidation, this is the most exciting time of my life. Here are some things that I am looking forward to in the coming year: 

- Launching a new website(that includes this blog)

- Pursuing what really matters 

- Turning my focus from myself, to others 

I have come to the realization that I'm very capable of focusing on the benefits any situation can provide me. Sometimes even when I think I'm being considerate of others it can turn into a self-satisfying endeavor. My thirtieth year on earth comes with a change of focus, a growth mindset, and a commitment to let the blessings I have received flow through me and into the lives of other people. Personally, I feel like the world could use more positivity and I hope to bring just that to this blog, despite what I might think about circumstances in my life or the lives of those around me. 

I hope to share more frequently (than I have in the past) what is actually on my mind, whether it be about photography, education, life, belief, light, love, or something random. To illustrate the changes I'm hoping to make, let's say that for the majority of my life I have been a "lake" dweller. Lakes absorb their waters, sometimes from many different sources. The next year is about becoming more of a "river" liver. Where my experiences, joy, knowledge, and love flow through me to you, instead of being absorbed for my own benefit. 

Please come a long with me, engage, and become a part of the experience!